With IBM Content Manager, Avacom Capture, Avacom Workflow and other software You have the right Document and Content Management solution. Now you need the consulting and services that will get your Content Management system up and running fast, keep it operating at peak level and ensuring that it will expand to support your future business requirements.

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That’s the advantage of Avacom Customer Services Network. Avacom Customer Services Network offers a rich selection of services, tools, and programs:

Avacom Out Sourcing : Offers capture, index, store and manage all your data and documents day forward or convert your backlog at Avacom or customer location

Avacom Hosting : Operates, manages, and maintains Avacom and IBM Content Management solutions and all of the customer data and documents at a remote site.

Avacom Active Implementation Support :
Provides services for planning, implementation, and operations of Content Capture and Content Management and Workflow solutions.

Avacom Consulting :
Offers best-in-class consulting, implementation, and optimization services for your Content Management and Business Workflow.

Avacom Custom Development :
Incorporates Avacom development strategies to deliver Content Management and Workflow solutions that meet unique business goals and integration with existing legacy systems.

Avacom Education :
Transfers knowledge and skills to Avacom customers and their partners -- Onsite Classes and Hands-on Lab.

Avacom Ramp-Up :
Rapid deployment of Content Management and Data/Document Capture solutions for Customers.

Maintenance and Support :
Deliver Maintenance Services and End-user Support for the entire enterprise solution.

Hardware and Software :
Using Avacom Service staff as well as Avacom Partners.

Avacom Customer Support and Services combines Avacom experts, methodologies, tools, and our partners resources to accelerate implementations. Transfer knowledge to your staff. Continuously improve your operations. And enable long-term success.

It’s not about software. It’s about optimizing strategies and processes. Improving productivity. Providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. And running an infrastructure that empowers you to take advantage of new opportunities.

With Avacom Customer Support and Services, you minimize the risks of implementations of Content Management and Workflow system or upgrade of existing systems. Ensure a rapid ROI and low TCO. And achieve success both today and tomorrow.

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