Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes are under pressure to boost productivity by optimizing business processes and IT systems while reducing cost. Avacom Hosting can help.

Avacom Hosting delivers full-scope hosting and application management services to help you drive maximum value from your business. With support from Avacom Hosting, you can concentrate on your business while qualified experts help you evaluate, implement, and leverage your Content Management and Workflow systems. As a result, you -- reduce risk, improve service, and lower TCO.

Avacom Hosting offers services to fulfill a variety of technology strategies at any stage of your solution life cycle:

  • Evaluation Hosting - Provides a flexible, rapidly implemented infrastructure for evaluating hosting options
  • Upgrade Hosting - Duplicate the customer environment and necessary infrastructure and handles the technical aspects of an upgrade
  • Development and Prototype Hosting - Offers hosted system landscapes during development projects and provides the opportunity to create business scenarios in a hosted system landscape while evaluating Content Capture, Content Management and workflow solutions
  • Application Hosting - Handles ongoing operation of production solutions configured to meet your needs
  • Remote Application Operations - Remotely manages your Content Capture and Management and Business Process Workflow solutions on hardware that you own, providing 24/7 first-level support
  • Application Management - Gives you a highly trained service team to manage all aspects of running your Content Management and Document Capture solutions, including second-level support and business process monitoring
  • Hosted Web Based Training - Accelerates the implementation of your e-learning platform

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