With Cloud Data Services, IBM is “Open for Data”. By providing a portfolio of open source services along with a set of analytic services all of which are managed by IBM, clients can transform their business and build applications faster to gain more insights. IBM provides a comprehensive set of services (open source, NoSQL, analytic services, all integrated together) that gives clients flexibility to deploy as then need to, where they need to, and how much the need to. All of this fully managed and fully secured by IBM – Trusted


  • Broadest selection of data and analytic services available on multiple cloud platforms
  • Pre-built integrations across the portfolio
  • Integrated with open data to gain deeper insights


  • Open-sourced driven innovation
  • Industry leading support for hybrid deployments
  • Bare metal, virtual, pay-as-you-go and reserved


  • Fully managed: 24 x 7
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Mitigate risk and lower costs

Cloud Data Services Span a Variety of Needs

Customer Data Center (On-Premises) and (Off-Premises)

  • Software

  • Select, purchase, provision and operate hardware & software
  • Complete control of every operating parameter
  • On premise customer data center
  • Appliance

  • Expertly engineered hardware & software
  • Customer responsible for operation, fixed configuration, less control
  • On premise customer data center
  • Cloud Premium

  • Expertly engineered cloud configurations, IaaS manages hardware
  • Customer has full control over software & operation
  • On and Off premise customer data center
  • Managed Service

  • IBM operates service and controls everything, delivers on SLA
  • Customer concerns only with data
  • Off premise customer data center


IBM offers an extensive and highly differentiated set of cloud data services for handling a wide variety of workloads.

In the cloud we are focused on Cloud Images or Managed Services instead of products, but we can draw lines between the on-premises offerings and their cloud equivalents. BigInsights is currently offered as a fully managed Cloud service, but is otherwise basically equivalent to its on-premises counterpart. Apache Spark is also available as a cloud service and Cloudant DBaaS is a close match for Cloudant local. So generally, the semi-structured side of the portfolio is very close to its on-premises version. There are more differences when we look at the structured databases.



Non-Relational Operational DBaaS

Cloudant is a distributed NoSQL JSON document store that’s optimized for handling tons of concurrent reads and writes…a workload that is typical of large, global mobile app usage…
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IBM dashDB

Analytics Warehouse as a Service

dashDB is IBM’s data warehousing and analytics solution in the cloud. It allows for rapid deployment of large scale data warehouses, provides flexible options for both volume and processing speed… Read More


DB2 on Cloud

Hosted cloud service

DB2 on Cloud is a hosted cloud service providing a complementary offering to on-premises databases and the opportunity to scale without concern of physical infrastructure. DB2 on Cloud currently blends some of the characteristics of IaaS and PaaS… Read More



OS of the Future

Spark is an open source in-memory application framework for distributed data processing and iterative analysis on massive data volumes. The benefits of the framework is that it is built for ease of use and development, high speed in memory performance and sophisticated analytics that enables applications in Hadoop clusters, or stand alone, to run up to 100 times faster in memory and …Read More



Managed Platform of DBaaS Offerings

Compose provides 7 Managed Database as a Service offerings (as of launch February 2016). These include industry leaders such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL. This slide summarizes the offerings currently available. They include JSON data stores, key-value stores and of course object-relational databases…
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Making the cloud work for you

BigInsights on cloud gives you the speed, flexibility and support needed for an Hadoop offering on the cloud. You can provision a BigInsights cluster in a matter of a few hours instead of the traditional on-prem deployment time of days to weeks. . And, it gives you the option to chose a cluster configuration based on your foreseen workloads…
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DataWorks Forge

Fully managed self-service

DataWorks Forge is a fully managed data preparation and movement service for IBM Cloud Data Services that enables business and citizen analysts, developers and data scientists to put data to work.
It provides the ability to access data from on-premises and cloud sources, combining data from different and multiple data sources ….Read More